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Japanese Sex Dolls For Sale

Eastern women are rightfully considered one of the wonders of the Land of the Rising Sun: graceful, restrained, slim, docile and sweet, they attract men from all over the world. It is not surprising that among natural sex dolls, dolls with Asian appearance occupy a special place.

Asian sex dolls appeared as soon as realistic dolls began to be made for sale. But still people feel ashamed to show their interest about such toys. Our website is created to help people to learn more about love dolls in general and Japanese sex dolls for sale particularly. Realistic dolls for love are legal and high quality production, which soon will occupy the erotic toy market.

Here you can find the relevant information about them and stay confidential. There is no need to ask uncomfortable questions in sex shop just click the doll image and read everything you want to know. You can see the toy closer and from different sides due to many photos in the album. For better presentation dolls are shown in sexy poses and in nice underwear.

You might love Japanese love dolls if you:

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1) adore Asian appearance. Japanese classic beauty is embodied in this modern realistic art. There is no guarantee, that you ever have an Asian partner in life, but you can japanese sex dolls buy for your pleasure. You can enjoy your Eastern love partner in any part of the world.

2) want to add some exotic to your life. It is always intriguing to try something new and unreachable in everyday life. By the way, having such a doll is much cheaper and safer than visiting faraway countries as a sex tourist. You will have your own geisha for esthetic and physical pleasure.

3) collect realistic sex dolls. If you gather a collection of love dolls, then Japanese doll is a «must have». It is a good choice to start such collecting if there is none yet.

4) like anime and manga cartoons. Have you ever imagined yourself in such films? There is no need to imagine, you can easy turn this dream into reality. You can repeat some of existing scenarios, or create your own story.

5) can`t find a right model for photo sessions. It is not easy to find a right model for some photos. A realistic doll with Japanese face will be always at your disposal whenever you have an inspiration. You do not need to explain to a living model what pose she must make. All poses, clothes and accessories are under your control.

6) do not want to cheat your partner. You love your partner, but want to try an Asian girl? It is easy to fulfil your desire without cheating. There is a big possibility, that your half will join the fun.

7) If you are Asian. What if you want to have a partner for love same origins with you, but cannot find the right one? Japanese lifelike sex dolls buy can be a good solvation of the problem.

8) if you are not Asian. Maybe you would never agree to date Japanese in real life, but why not to try it with an artificial partner?

How are Japanese dolls created?

Sex dolls with Japanese exterior are looking natural and alive. All parts are realistic: from hair till nails. Dolls have realistic height and proportions, so you can dress them normal human clothes from the shop or from your partner`s cupboard.

They have impressive eyes and kissable lips, they are flexible and movable even better than real people. The inner metal frame with the joints is covered with a material, imitating real flesh. Dolls can be made of silicone, of TPE and hybrid: TPE body with a silicone head. Asian dolls differ from others with more tender and slim figure. Big almond-shaped eyes, tiny feet, curves at the right places, porcelain skin and other features attract more and more fans to this kind of dolls. All these features make Japanese sex dolls cost appropriate to quality and to the pleasure they give to owners.

Comparing materials

japanese sex dolls cost
Silicone was the first material for creating realistic dolls. It is medical-grade hypoallergenic and natural-looking. Not without reason it is used for implants for the body in medicine. TPE, Thermoplastic Elastomer was invented a bit later – it is a mix of plastic and silicone (rubber). Both materials are looking as a natural human body. Let`s compare them for making a better choice of the desired doll.

1) Resistance to temperature. Silicone is more strong and resistible to hot temperature, so it is possible to disinfect it with heat. Thermoplastic can be spoiled with the heat, so it is necessary to disinfect it with something liquid. Do not try to wash it with boiling water or to leave under the heating sun.

2) Softness. Both materials are looking natural, but they are different for touch. TPE is more stretchable and soft. It will return to the starting position after stretching many times. Silicone is also flexible, but it strong and maintaining its shape. You need more power to move or to stretch silicone part from its starting shape. Silicone parts of body do not shake and wobble if you spank or move it back and forth. Elastomer is a better material for those who like wobbling breasts and shaking buttocks.

3) Reacting with chemicals. Silicone is more resistible to organic and non-organic chemicals; it is not easy to damage. As for TPE, you should be careful choosing liquids to clean it.

4) Price. Silicone is more expensive than TPE, so if you are looking for cheap Japanese sex dolls, you should pay more attention to this material. As a good choice, you can order the body of thermoplastic and the head of Silicone. The quality will not be spoiled in case of the lower price.

5) Structure. TPE is a porous material, so you have to clean and dry it after each use to get rid of bacteria and smell. Silicone is entire without pores. It is more durable than elastomer and keeps structure even with a strong pressure.

6) Water resistance. Silicone dolls can be washed under water, and this makes looking after them very easy. You can take a foam bath in a company of a silicone beauty. TPE becomes sticky under water, so you need to improve it with a baby powder after washing.

Both materials have similarities. It is very important that both are hypoallergenic and safe for health. Also both silicone and TPE are durable enough to stay as new during years. Possibly you will get a new doll after some time, but not because the previous one got old or spoiled, just because you want something new.

What forms the price?

A great part of the price is the material of the doll. But is not the main thing forming the price. Standard models have fixed price. But if you want some individual changes, you will have to add some money. For example, if you choose a bigger size of breasts, or a higher doll, it will take more material. There is a special option, which will take extra money: a possibility to order another doll head, which can be replaced instead of the first one. This allows using one body, but having two kinds of appearance.

How to get a unique doll?

japanese lifelike sex dolls buy
The days of identical factory products are long gone. Now you do not need to buy a standard finished model, but order an individual doll to your taste. You can create your dream figure with the face of a supermodel or favorite anime hero. Love doll creators make Japanese sex dolls purchase comfortable and customized by personal needs. All brands producing such dolls understand, they are making not ordinary sex toys. Asian love dolls are created to fulfil the bravest sexual dreams and they perfectly match this purpose.

Ordering a unique doll through the website is very easy. You just choose a desired base and then set individual options. All is made by simple clicks: the size of the breast cup, the color of eyes, type of skin, manicure and pedicure, even pubic hair and nipples. Special attention is payed to the organs of sexual penetration, which can be removable or stated. You can even choose the shape of the inner cover of vagina for more pleasure. After setting all options and sending prepayment, the personal doll is ordered to production. It will be sent to your door as soon as possible in any part of the world.

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