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Recently, production and technology are developing rapidly. At the end of the last century, today's realistic dolls would seem fiction worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. Just three decades ago, sex shops sold dolls that looked more like an inflatable swimming mattress with a printed face than a means for getting pleasure. Rubber dolls were open-mouthed and in a frozen pose with legs apart. They were easily damaged and began to deflate, and the possibility of supporting the weight was out of the question. They were all the same unlike modern custom cheap sex dolls.

Modern realistic dolls

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Now the situation has totally changed. Modern dolls can stand, take different poses and support a person's weight. The material for the manufacture of such toys is strikingly reminiscent of human skin by touch and can also stretch and bend. If you take a picture next to such a doll, then on the photo you can take it for a living person.

Separate attention requires a detailed study of the genitals of the toy, designed for realistic sensations. It is possible to use oral, vaginal and anal contacts at the same doll, and all the kinds will differ by feelings because of different structure and depth. Bisexual lovers can use removable dildo at a female doll or order a male doll for more fun. It is a popular option of custom order sex dolls.

Dolls for love are not empty as before. They are created as enlarged models of well-known Barbie dolls: a nice figure on a hard skeleton with movable parts of body. All joints are working as real anatomic: dolls can stand on knees, lean down, move hands and take any realistic pose in bed. The solid frame on the outside is coated with silicone or Thermoplastic Elastomer, which imitate the body itself.

Silicone is the material used for medical implants, so you probably know how it looks and feels like. Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a softer mix of silicone with plastic. Both materials are used with same success to imitate real human body and face. There is some difference between them, which does not influence the quality. Silicone was the first to be used for dolls production and it is still more expensive. It is harder by touch not that easy movable or shaking. If you are looking for cheap custom sex dolls, then you probably stop your choice on TPE.

Advantage of having a sex doll

Not only the dolls themselves are amazing, but also their affordable price. How much money would you spend on some sexual experience with an exotic partner? How much does regular intimacy without any risks take during long time? Even dating a loving partner takes money for dates and gifts, but what if you cannot find a right one? You can have a regular safe sexual life for health and fun thanks to affordable customizable sex dolls.

Love dolls are becoming more and more popular, so the number of producing brands is increasing. The competition between them makes the quality higher and the price lower. Factories are located all over the world: in the USA, in Europe, in China. You do not have to go there to choose and order your doll; all is made on distance through Internet. Our website is one of developed services to compare sex toys and to make the best choice.

The upgrade of production makes possible to order an individual kind of a doll different from all the rest, and it would not take much extra money. Through the special site form you can set your doll features, order delivery when it is ready and make the payment. Through this website is also easy to choose where to order custom sex dolls. The production of different brands is represented on virtual showcases. You can click on doll photos and decide which one is better for you before you pay.

What is available for customization?

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Dolls of various brands can differ in the available changing features, but most of them have much in common. You will be surprised when you see what exactly you can choose. Some settings are free and some take extra pay. This depends on additional material for this part and some extra efforts of the creators. Let's see what is available for choice:

1) Type of the body. First of all you choose the silhouette outline by your preferences. It is the base for other options. You can order a slim figure or more curvy magnificent form. Waist and hips already set in body type. Most dolls have normal human height 150-166 cm.

2) Skin color. There are several colors from white to black including few grades of tan.

3) Head. It can happen that you would not like the prototype head to this exact body, so you can take another one. Hundreds of different faces are available for your choice. There is an option to get an additional head to have some variety in bed. You can change heads from time to time on the same doll body. It will not take much place and it is cheaper than ordering two dolls.

4) Breast size. The fact that everyone loves a big bust is a stereotypical fallacy. Of course, many people will like how huge breasts shake when moving. But there are lovers of small breasts that fit perfectly in the palm of hand. There are several cup sizes offered for your choice. The bigger size takes more material and costs more.

5) Breast type. Breasts can be solid or hollow, depends on what you like to feel in your hands. It is a free option.

6) Material. If you prefer soft tender skin for touch, you can order a Thermoplastic love doll. If you like silicone, it is also available. The great number of doll factories makes cheap custom silicone sex dolls for your pleasure. In some cases you can take a hybrid: a silicone head with the TPE body.

7) Hairstyle and color. There is a huge plenty of different wigs for your choice. Each of them can totally change the outlook of your toy. Lovers of blondes, brunettes or red-haired will be satisfied with the choice. Available hairstyles are also shown on photos. Wig type is a free option; it is already included in the doll price.

8) Eye color. Eyes can be all natural colors; you can set in your doll any color you like for free.

9) Shoulders type. It can surprise you, but some brands offer normal or shrugging shoulders for your cheap custom silicone sex dolls. Shrugging variant costs extra money, but not much.

10) Pubic hair. Your doll can be shaved or have some kind of pubic hair. It adds some price, but makes your doll special and matching your preferences.

11) Feet type. Doll feet can be normal or stand-up feet for extra money. Stand-up feed include some more hardness and metal details allowing your doll to stand in a pose without your supporting.

12) Vagina type. You can choose fixed or removable vagina, which is easier to clean between using. Some creators also offer to set the inner structure by your choice.

13) Finger nails can be natural, French, or other colors for free.

14) Toe nails color. It is not a secret that toes can be a subject of fetish. The toe nails do not obligatory have to be same color with finger nails.

15) Additional accessories. If you imagine some clothes or bracelets in the meaning of accessories, you are mistaken. In case of love dolls accessories are unexpected and amazing: you can order a full body heating, which will make your doll natural human temperature comfortable for touch! You can get your doll in its individual box – a storage case. You can get with a female doll and inserted transgender penis. And finally, your silicone doll can have inserted hair instead of the wig. These additional options are the most expensive in the shopping.

The result of customization

You can get high quality custom sex dolls cheap in their basic configuration. But the customization makes the doll individual and special for you. You choose all the settings by few clicks on the site. All the rest – is our concern. We will make sure that your doll will have all the ordered features and get to you when ready. You have seen all the separate qualities on the pictures when made the choice, but seeing them altogether in your own doll is very exciting. We will make our best to meet expectations.

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